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Naugatuck Adult& Continuing Education

Naugatuck Adult Education Teacher chosen as CAACE's 2020 Teacher of the Year!

Shelby is an IEL/Civic teacher for Naugatuck Adult Education working with the advanced level students.  Shelby is a natural in the classroom and goes above and beyond for her students in facilitating them reaching their goals.  She works tirelessly to be sure her students are learning the language, setting goals for themselves and their families, and meeting their goals.  Shelby has an immeasurable dedication to the teaching field.  She consistently demonstrates a passion for success in her students and peers alike and always does so with a positive attitude.  A mentor to many, Shelby is always there to support not only her students but also her colleagues where she leads by example as a professional who is always thoroughly prepared and willing to work diligently with others.  Students and colleagues alike find her approachable, dedicated, and always there to help others.  Shelby’s willingness to offer her time to co-plan and/or co-teach to ensure that each and every student reaches their fullest potential is beyond reproach.  There is always a positive energy when Shelby is nearby as she exudes happiness and joy in all her interactions with everyone she encounters.  

Throughout Distance Learning Shelby has continued to be the exemplary teacher we know and love.  She immediately focused on continuing to cultivate the relationships she had developed with her students.  One of her students recently reached out  to share the following: 

 “When someone sees us with good eyes we start working on  becoming  better -- because there is someone that actually cares to look at what is on the inside. If we part ways someday I know this is an experience to be cherished. We see you putting effort into teaching us and it  gives us the feeling to also try  to put the same effort.”

In closing, Shelby has and will continue to make a huge contribution to the educational field where her presence in school is respected by all.  Her many contributions, beyond the curriculum are exemplary and Naugatuck Adult Education is a better place because of her presence.