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Naugatuck Adult& Continuing Education

Distance Learning Guidelines and Expectations

  • Relationships with students are our highest priority. Above all else, prioritizing and maintaining the strong relationships we have built up over the school year. 
  • Flexibility, as we all learn how to best support students and each other in an online learning environment
  • Maintain a Google Classroom for each class that they teach, 
  • Each week, develop a module that includes, at a minimum:
    • Content which students can access (readings, videos, podcasts, or teacher-created materials)
    • At least one assessment aligned with the subject area and College and Career Readiness competencies. Teachers should keep track of grades on a separate document (teacher created) provide feedback on these assessments. Examples include quizzes, written assignments, or discussion posts
      • Students should be able to complete these at their own pace within a given timeframe. 
  • Be available online during the scheduled time (see below) to the best of their ability. This time can be used for “live” instruction for whole class or small groups, class discussion, feedback sessions, or individual conferencing using Google Meet or Google Hangouts. 
  • If no specific instructional activity is planned, consider opening a Google Meet and being available for students to informally check-in.
  • Monitor progress and provide feedback for students. If students are not engaging in learning, make initial outreach via email. If, at the end of a given week, a student has not submitted assignments or been in touch with you, send an email to the director indicating those students that have little or no engagement in your google classroom.
  • Plan for the designated amount of  hours of learning each week for students in a given class (Director will share this particular amount with each program individually)
  • Check your adult education email for any communications.
  • Plan to spend time each week on learning for each course they are enrolled in.
  • Complete all assigned content learning and assessments by the assigned due date.
  • Contact their teacher/staff if and when they need support through Google Classroom or school email.
  • To the best of your ability, plan to be available and take advantage of live instructional hours for each class throughout the week (see schedule). Use this time to connect with your teachers and classmates, receive support on the weekly modules, and get feedback on your learning.
  • Director: Will be problem-solving, delivering professional learning through Naugatuck Adult Ed Teachers Google Classroom, and supporting all staff, & students. 
  • School Counselor: Will provide individualized student support as needed. Continue to reach out to the Counselor via email if you have concerns that counselors would normally address. 
  • Program Facilitators & Digital Literacy Coordinator: Will provide continued support for teachers in the use of technology and adapting materials for distance learning, and for students in accessing online resources.